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Reducing energy costs                                                                     Enabling sustainable energy                                                                        Meeting ESG targets

A staff checking solar panels

Our Services

We deliver commercial solar projects for a wide range of public and private sector clients, targeting sectors with high energy demand where the greatest carbon reduction potential can be realised. By offering a range of energy saving technologies and services, we can maximise financial and ESG benefits, tailoring our solutions to our client's needs.

Solar PV
Solar Energy

Solar PV Installations

Investing in commercial solar energy provides significant financial and environmental benefits, delivering short ROIs and demonstrating a proactive approach to social governance. We have the ability and expertise to deliver a full end-to-end solution by designing, installing and maintaining your solar system.


Cost Savings

With rising energy prices, now is the perfect time to turn your unused roof or ground space into a source of free, green electricity. Generating power reduces your reliance on the grid and saves thousands on energy bills – with the option to sell surplus energy back to the grid creating a new revenue stream. 


Reduced Environmental Impact 

Reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment by generating your own solar energy. Renewable generation such as solar significantly reduces carbon emissions, helping meet both your, and your customers’, sustainability targets.


Energy Security

Secure your future energy supply, protect against market volatility and future price rises and decrease your dependence on the grid.

A typical 200kW system saves £31k per annum


Payback period from 5 years

Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery storage systems provide the opportunity for greater flexibility and control over how and when energy is used. When co-located with solar, batteries enable excess generation to be stored and used later, enabling businesses with night-time or 24/7 operations to extend the benefits of a solar array.


Cost Savings & Flexibility

Battery storage is particularly useful for organisations like data centres and manufacturing firms that run 24/7 operations and have electrical demand around the clock. Energy can be generated, used and stored during the day for use at night-time. 

battery charging.png

Store energy for 24/7 operations

EV charging
Electric Charging Station

EV Charging Infrastructure

With the Government banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 to help meet its net zero targets, the use of EVs across the UK is growing every year. Installing EV chargers will help decarbonise your transport with zero emissions vehicles driving green business fleets.


Cost Savings

With fuel prices increasing and net zero targets driving the uptake of EVs, we’re here to help motorists and businesses take advantage of cheaper and greener transport. Linking a solar panel array to EV charging infrastructure can help to dramatically decrease costs associated with motoring, especially with businesses operating busy fleets.


Reduced Environmental Impact 

An electric car can save an average 1.5 million gCO2e per year, contributing significantly to air quality and emission reduction. For businesses, installing EV charging infrastructure encourages visitors and employees to transition to electric motoring, demonstrating keen ESG practices.


Future Legislation

With UK Government banning fossil-fuel vehicle sales, an increasing number of UK regions introducing low emission and clean air zones, installing EV chargers keeps your business ahead of the curve as motoring goes electric. 

ev charging.png

Sales of EVs rose by 76% last year


Reduce scope 1 emissions and

join the drive to net zero

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