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Reducing energy costs                                                                     Enabling sustainable energy                                                                        Meeting ESG targets

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Energy Solutions For A Range Of Commercial Applications

Our mission is to help our customers achieve their carbon reduction targets, reduce energy costs and provide long-term energy security. We achieve this by providing holistic, turn-key sustainability solutions, tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from public sector organisations, such as councils and universities, to blue chip companies and private investors, and we deliver solar and green energy solutions to businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. 

Recent Case Studies

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Warehousing & Fulfilment

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-14.png

254kW system

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-15.png

560 panels

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-16.png

100kW invertors

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-13.png

116t CO2 saved

VIP Group, Warrington
We installed a 254kWp roof-mounted solar array for VIP Group in Warrington. A full turn-key solution was provided, comprising feasibility assessments, detailed system design, electrical installation, and commissioning. 

As part of the initial scoping activities, we developed the project from concept to construction, providing a range of services that included initial design, structural assessment, financial and performance modelling and review of funding and available tax incentives​.
The 254kW system installation constituted 560Nr 455w tier 1 solar modules mounted on a Van-Der-Valk ValkPro+ ballasted system and utilising two 100kW Solis inverters for maximum efficiency. We liaised with the DNO on behalf of the client, ensuring that the 200kW export capacity was adhered to throughout the installation, which was completed in an efficient onsite period of two weeks. 

The system delivers 116 tonnes per year of carbon savings with a five year payback period. 

A7407493 copy.jpg

Local Authority

35t CO2 saved

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-13.png

65kW invertors

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-16.png

186 panels

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-15.png

83kW system

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-14.png

Flintshire County Council
We undertook the delivery of a combined 83.78kWp of roof mounted solar array across two buildings in Holywell. 


The scheme was awarded to Aberla Energy via a competitive tender, and included the design, supply, install and commissioning of two arrays at Greenfield Business Centre and Westwood Community Primary School.

At Greenfield, the scheme consisted of 170 Longi 450W panels, one Solis 25kW inverter and two Solis 20kW inverters while the Westwood installation consisted of 16 Longi 450W panels and a 6kW inverter.


The combined installation delivers 35 tonnes per year carbon savings with a payback period of between eight and nine years. 


Local Authority

10t CO2 saved

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-13.png

40kW invertors

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-16.png

111 panels

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-15.png

50kW system

AdobeStock_291505444 [Converted]-14.png

Hereford County Council
Working for Hereford Council, we undertook the installation of a 50kWp roof mounted solar system at Hillside Intermediate Care Centre after winning a competitive tender. 

The scheme consisted of 111 Longi 450W panels mounted over six elevations with a central Solis 40kW 5G string inverter; the scheme utilised an export power manager setting the site max export limit to 11kW.


The panels were mounted via proprietary pitched tiled roof rail with 25 degrees inclination and the scheme was completed with an on-site period of five days, including provision of a generator inter trip system. 


The installation delivers annual carbon savings of over 10 tonnes with a payback period of eight years. 

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