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Reducing energy costs                                                                     Enabling sustainable energy                                                                        Meeting ESG targets

Delivering Commercial
Solar & EV Charging

Reducing Energy Costs & Enabling The Transition To Sustainable Energy.

Aberla Energy specialises in the design and delivery of sustainable energy solutions including commercial solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure


We are committed to enabling UK businesses to transition towards a low carbon economy, improving energy security, reducing energy expenditure, delivering on carbon targets and supporting ESG goals.

commercial SOLAR PV

Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint by generating green energy.

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Providing greater flexibility to use energy when you need it most.

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Electric Vehicle CHARGING

Stay on track as the UK moves to electric vehicle motoring.

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system DESIGN & Modelling

Our experts can design and model bespoke installations for all sectors.

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Our mission is to help businesses achieve their carbon reduction targets, reduce energy costs and provide long term energy security.

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Unlock significant cost savings by generating your own energy. 

Transform unused roof space on your commercial premises by installing solar panels to generate free, green energy and start reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Full end-to-end service from feasibility and design to installation and operation.

We provide a hassle-free, turn-key solution for commercial premises, manufacturing facilities, factories and agricultural buildings to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Solar Operations
Electric Car Charger

Electric vehicle charging solutions to help power your own EV fleet.

Keep up with demand for EV charging with your own charging stations for business, staff and customers - allowing you to build a zero-emission EV business fleet.

Helping the UK meet its solar and emissions targets.

UK Government has targeted a tripling in solar power by 2030, increasing capacity from 15 gigawatts now to 50GW. With further jumps in energy bills and an increasing trend towards green solutions, the UK is expected to continue to increase solar panel capacity in line with its drive to reach net zero by 2050. 

The Government is also backing electric vehicles to help reach its 2050 target, with new petrol and diesel cars banned by 2030. While sales of EVs increased by 76% last year, the charging infrastructure grew by only 31%. 

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Over 75 years' experience in designing and delivering energy infrastructure.

Our people are critical to the success of Aberla Energy and are at the heart of everything we do. Our team has a vast range of expertise and experience across a range of multi-million pound commercial and industrial solar projects.

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